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PhonBank is the child phonology component of the TalkBank system. TalkBank is a system for sharing and studying conversational interactions. PhonBank is supported by grant RO1-HD051698 from NIH-NICHHD to Brian MacWhinney and Yvan Rose. PHON is designed and built by Yvan Rose and Greg Hedlund. Currently available materials include:


**Ground Rules**

Contributing New Data

IRB Principles

Hints on downloading

Database versioning


**Index to Corpora**

Browsable Database

Derived Corpora

TalkBankDB database search

Phon Program

Phon website and User Manual

Phon on GitHub

PhonTalk (CHAT ⇔ Phon)


Other TalkBank databases

Other Child Language sites

Research based on Phon

Workshop presentations


Phon Basics: A practical introduction

Video tutorials on YouTube

Downloadable files for video tutorials:

  • Phon projects for tutorials
  • Media files for tutorials
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