PhonBank English L2 Praisley/Rose Corpus

Hannah Praisley
Memorial University of Newfoundland


Yvan Rose
Memorial University of Newfoundland


Participants: 9
Type of Study: experimental
Location: Canada
Media type: audio
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5R099

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Citation information

Praisley, Hannah. 2016. The Perception and Production of Glide-Vowel Sequences in Japanese and Korean Learners of English. Memorial University of Newfoundland M.A. Thesis.

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Project Description

These data originate from two experimental tasks focusing on the production of glide+vowel sequences by Japanese and Korean second language learners of English. The corpus documents these productions across two experimental tasks, namely a picture naming task and a reading task. The transcripts for the picture naming task begin with "N" and the transcripts for the reading task begin with "R". The detail of this methodology is provided in the reference above. =======