PhonBank Clinical English Chiat Corpus

Shula Chiat
Language and Communication Sciences
City University London


Participants: 3
Type of Study: clinical, naturalistic, longitudinal
Location: UK
Media type: audio
DOI: doi:10.21415/T58G71

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Project Description

Recordings for this project were carried out in a quiet room at school or a clinic. Each child can be considered its own single case study. Utterances were spontaneous in nature through play sessions with the researcher. There were also some elicited repetitions of real words, non-words and phrases to sample the realization of segmental targets in different prosodic positions at the word- and phrase-level.

Participant NameAge RangeSessionsSex
DI<5;05.16 – 5;05.284M
SB5;05-26 – 5;07.094M
SR5;07.21 – 5;08.123M

SR was 5;8 when this experiment was carried out. He had been attending school for one year, and had been referred by the school for speech therapy at 4;10. No abnormalities in SR's development were reported by his mother or by the school, apart from the speech problem which was the reason for his referral to a speech therapist. His hearing was tested by an audiologist and found to be within normal limits. He was diagnosed as having phonological delay. Therapy over the preceding 10 months had focused on production of fricatives. There had been no noticeable improvement in SR's intelligibility between the time of referral and the present investigation. We have less information regarding SB and DI. They were being treated only for phonological disorders and there were no reported concerns about language or any other aspect of their development.