PhonBank Clinical Portuguese PHONODIS Corpus

Maria João Freitas
Centro de Linguística
University of Lisbon

Margarida Ramalho
Centro de Linguística
University of Lisbon

Marisa Lousada
Speech and Language Therapy
University of Aveiro

Patrícia Oliveira
Centro de Linguística
University of Lisbon

Rodrigo Pereira
Centro de Linguística
University of Lisbon

Participants: 26
Type of Study: experimental, cross-sectional
Location: Portugal
Media type: audio
DOI: doi:10.21415/EQH2-7C42

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Citation information

Ramalho, A.M. (2017). Aquisição fonológica na criança: tradução e adaptação de um instrumento de avaliação interlinguístico para o PE. Universidade de Évora. Dissertação de Doutoramento. pdf

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Project Description

The PHONODIS corpus was developed at Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa (CLUL) and supported by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (PEst-OE/LIN/UI0214/2013; UID/LIN/00214/2019). The corpus is based on the criteria adopted within the Crosslinguistic Child Phonology Project (University of British Columbia; UBC), coordinated by Barbara May Bernhardt and Joseph Stemberger. PHONODIS contains experimental cross-sectional data collected by three Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs: Marisa Lousada, Patrícia Oliveira, Margarida Ramalho). It is based on production data from 26 Portuguese children diagnosed with different types of speech and language disorders, all EP monolinguals, aged 3;2 to 11;05. The children are from 4 different districts in the country (Aveiro, Évora, Leiria, and Santarém).

A complete description of each of the files is given in this table .

The data collection followed the procedures described in the Ramalho corpus on PhonBank: Informed consents were gathered according to UBC and BREB guidelines. The test used for data collection was the CLCP-PE (Crosslinguistic Child Phonology Project – Português Europeu from Ramalho, Freitas, Almeida, Bernhardt, and Stemberger, 2014), which is available at CLCP-PE and UBC

This test includes a sequence of 42 digital images were presented to each child individually on an iPad or a computer screen, in a picture naming format. The test session were recorded in the context of a therapy session by the child’s SLT. For further information on the data collection, see the Ramalho corpus on PhonBank and Ramalho (2017) pdf .

The Phon software was used to perform the phonetic transcriptions. The data were transcribed by Rodrigo Pereira, an MA student highly trained in phonetic transcription. In dubious cases, transcriptions were discussed by members of the PHONODIS team; in the case of persistent indecision, both productions were kept in the database (cf. IPA Actual and Note tiers). Other criteria, when relevant, may be found in the description of the PereiraFreitas corpus on PhonBank).