PhonBank Dutch Zink Corpus

Inge Zink


Sophie Kern
French National Centre for Scientific Research


Participants: 4
Type of Study: naturalistic
Location: Netherlands
Media type: audio not available
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5QG6P

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Citation information

Zink, Inge (2005). De verwerving van de klankproductie tijdens de brabbelperiode bij vier Vlaamse kinderen. Logopedie, 18(4), 13-20.

Kern, Sophie, Barbara Davis & Inge Zink (2009). From babbling to first words in four languages: Common trends across languages and individual differences. In: d'Errico F., Hombert J. (Eds.), Becoming Eloquent. Advances in the emergence of language, human cognition, and modern cultures, 205-232. Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company.

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Project Description

The recordings for this corpus were made in Leuven, Brabant, Belgium (3 children: Meinder, Judith, Laurien) and Antwerp, Belgium (1 child: David). The participants were recorded every two weeks from 8 months to 25 months of age. Each recording session lasted approximately 60 minutes. The team made recordings using a Panasonic Digital Video Camera (NV-GS180) and a Sennheiser ew100 microphone on 60 minute fuji Mini DVCassettes. The video files were later digitized to DVDs. During the recording sessions, the child interacted with his/her mother (or both parents) and a speech therapist and/or a master’s student of speech-language pathology was present.
Name Age Range Sessions
David08.04 – 2;02.1438
Judith08.03 – 2;00.2639
Laurien08.07 – 2;01.2637
Meinder08.14 – 2;02.0538