PhonBank English Davis-CDI Corpus

Barbara Davis
Communication Sciences
University of Texas


Participants: 6
Type of Study: CDI
Location: USA
Media type: N/A
DOI: doi:10.21415/T51M43

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Phon data

CHAT data

Citation information

Davis, B.L., van der Feest, S. & Yi, H., (in revision) Phonological versus lexical factors: Selection and avoidance in early word forms? Journal of Child Language.

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Project Description

This corpus documents monthly CDI data for six learners of English, with each monthly CDI parental report corresponding to a unique session transcript in Phon. For each child, the early documentation uses the Word & Gestures questionnaire, with the later documentations based on the Words & Sentences.

Participant NameAge RangeSex
Ben1;02.23 – 2;09.03M
Cha1;00.27 – 2;07.24F
Geo0;08.26 – 2;11.06F
Han0;11.15 – 2;03.07F
Kae1;00.24 – 1;07.29F
Nat1;00.22 – 2;11.22M