PhonBank English Davis Corpus

Barbara Davis
Communication Sciences
University of Texas


Participants: 21
Type of Study: naturalistic, longitudinal
Location: USA
Media type: audio
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5CW26

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Citation information

Davis, Barbara L. & Peter F. MacNeilage (1995). The articulatory basis of babbling. Journal of Speech and Hearing Research, 38, 1199-1211.

Davis, Barbara L., Peter F. MacNeilage & Christine L. Matyear (2002). Acquisition of serial complexity in speech production: A Comparison of Phonetic and Phonological Approaches to First Word Production. Phonetica, 59, 75-107.

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Project Description

Data analyzed for this study were collected as a part of a longitudinal project tracking early normal speech development from the onset of canonical babbling through age 3.5 years. Subjects were located by informal referral from the surrounding community. Normal development was established through parent case history report. In addition, each infant was administered the Battelle Developmental Screening Inventory (Guidubaldi, Newborg, Stock, Svinicki, & Wneck, 1984) and hearing screening using sound field techniques.

Video and audio recordings were gathered in the children’s homes during natural interactions and situations that occurred in their daily lives. The children were interacting with their parent or others present in their home setting. The experimenter sometimes interacted with the child and parent and sometimes observed as seemed natural in the setting.

Participant NameAge RangeSessionsSex
Aaron1;08.01 – 2;01.0311M
Anthony1;08.05 – 2;01.1513M
Ben0;11.21 – 2;04.0221M
Cameron0;07.11 – 2;11.2452F
Charlotte0;10.12 – 2;11.2244F
Georgia0;08.25 – 2;11.0545F
Hannah0;11.14 – 2;04.2429F
Jodi1;00.29 – 1;07.0914F
Kaeley1;00.24 – 2;01.2313F
Kate1;03.02 – 1;07.2510F
Martin1;05.19 – 2;02.0913M
Micah0;08.01 – 1;06.1929M
Nate0;10.07 – 2;09.0726M
Nick0;10.20 – 3;01.0246M
Paxton0;08.02 – 2;00.0247M
Rachel0;08.04 – 1;10.0240F
Rebecca1;01.24 – 1;07.1741F
Rowan0;10.23 – 2;10.1941M
Sadie0;07.11 – 1;07.0333F
Sam0;10.07 – 2;01.0326M
Will0;07.29 – 1;04.1324M