PhonBank English Cruttenden Corpus

Alan Cruttenden
Department of Linguistics
University of Manchester


Participants: 2
Type of Study: phonologically transcribed data at monthly intervals
Location: England
Media type: none
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5588D

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Project Description

Alan Cruttenden of the University of Manchester has contributed phonologically transcribed data from two dizygotic twins, Jane and Lucy, from age 1;5 to 3;7. The children were born 25-APR-1967. The transcription uses the IPA font. The data were collected at monthly intervals for a total of 25 files for each child. The ages given in the @ID header at the beginning of the file are the times of the first recording in each file. Often there are 3 to 5 recordings each month. No data were collected from months 4 and 5 and data collected from month 23 onwards is sparse. The data were collected by direct notation and no audiotapes were made.

Error coding has only partially been carried out on these data. Errors that are clearly phonological have been systematically indicated but not coded. Inflectional errors have been indicated but no judgments have been made as to whether they are morphologically or phonologically induced. Syntactic errors have generally been indicated from the stage when the appropriate correct syntax was being used in other utterances. Comments on stress have been included on a comments line where this information is available.