PhonBank French Stanford Corpus

Marilyn Vihman
Department of Linguistics
York University


Participants: 6
Type of Study: naturalistic
Location: France
Media type: audio
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5B02X

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Citation information

Vihman, Marilyn M., Macken, Marlys A., Miller, Ruth, Simmons, Hazel & Miller, Jim (1985). From babbling to speech: a reassessment of the continuity issue. Language, 61, 395-443.

Vihman, Marilyn M., Charles A. Ferguson & Mary Elbert (1986). Phonological development from babbling to speech: Common tendencies and individual differences. Applied Psycholinguistics, 7, 3-40.

Boysson-Bardies, Bénédicte de & Vihman, Marilyn M. (1991). Adaptation to language: Evidence from babbling and first words in four languages. Language, 67, 297-319.

Vihman, Marilyn M., Kay, Edwin, Boysson-Bardies, Bénédicte de, Durand, Catherine & Sundberg, Ulla (1994). External sources of individual differences? A cross-linguistic analysis of the phonetics of mothers' speech to one-year-old children. Developmental Psychology, 30, 652-663.

Vihman, Marilyn M., DePaolis, Rory A. & Davis, Barbara L. (1998). Is there a “trochaic bias” in early word learning? Evidence from English and French. Child Development, 69, 933-947.

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Project Description

The children studied were Car from 0;10.15 to 1;02.05, Cha from 0;10.16 to 1;03.19, Kur, Lau from 0;09.26 to 1;05.15, Mar from 0;11.21 to 1;07.24, and Noe from 0;10.06 to 1;05.23.