PhonBank French Yamaguchi Corpus

Naomi Yamaguchi
Phonetics & Phonology Laboratory
University of Paris


Participants: 1
Type of Study: naturalistic
Location: Paris
Media type: video
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5ZP45

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Citation information

Yamaguchi, Naomi (2012). Parcours d’acquisition des sons du langage chez deux enfants francophones, Ph.D. Dissertation, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3.

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Project Description

The recordings were part of the Leonard and COLAJE projects coordinated by Prof. Aliyah Morgenstern. The participant in these projects was recorded in his home in a naturalistic setting, for one hour every month. Adrien was recorded from in 26 sessions from age 1;11.14 to 4;3.27 by the author, who is also a friend of the child’s family.

During the recordings the child typically looked at picture books and played with toys with one of his parents, and sometimes bathing times were recorded; there were no instructions given as to word elicitation to the parents.

The video recordings were made using a Sony HDV 1080i/mini DV camera, and the audio recordings were made using a wireless microphone (Sennheiser, EW 112-p G2) worn by the child. The tapes were digitized using iMovie.

This corpus was originally segmented and transcribed with Phon. The phonetic transcription (IPA Actual) was double-checked as for 4.5% of the total data, and the agreement percentage for consonants reached 95.5%.

Warnings regarding transcript-video linkage

For 17-2_08_12 both the video and the audio "freeze"  at 35:40 minutes. The last 22:00 minutes are stuck on a single image with no audio. For 29-3_10_13 both video and audio "freeze" at 26:10 minutes.  The last 31:25 minutes are stuck on a single image with no audio.

There are also a number of transcription oddities in this folder that I will mention: