PhonBank Norwegian Simonsen Corpus

Hanne Gram Simonsen
Linguistics, University of Oslo


Participants: 2
Type of Study: naturalistic
Location: Oslo, Norway
Media type: audio
DOI: doi:10.21415/HK7E-SE85

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Citation information

Simonsen, Hanne Gram 1990: Barns fonologi: system og variasjon hos tre norske og et samoisk barn. [Children’s phonology: system and variation in three Norwegian children and one Samoan child.] Dr. Philos. dissertation, Department of Linguistics and Philosophy, University of Oslo.

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Project Description

Two children, a girl, Nora (2;3 to 3;5) and a boy, Tomas (2;0 to 4;1) were recorded in connection with a doctoral project on child phonology over the years 1985-1989. Both children were monolingual speakers of the Oslo dialect of Norwegian, as were their parents. Nora was recorded over 6 sessions between 2;3 and 3;5, while Tomas was recorded over 7 sessions between 2;0 and 4;1. Both children were firstborns, with younger siblings born during the period of recording. The children were recorded in their homes in Oslo in a naturalistic setting, always with the researcher and often also with the mother present. During the recording sessions the children looked at picture books and played with toys. The books and toys were chosen to elicit words to represent all the Norwegian speech sounds in different positions and contexts. The researcher encouraged spontaneous word productions from the child, often through pointing to pictures and toys and repeating the child’s words.

The recordings were made using an analog tape recorder with a multidirectional microphone placed on the table. The tapes were later digitized and finally transferred into an MP3 format.