PhonBank Phon Tutorials

The newly-created Phon channel on YouTube presents a series of videos covering the essential aspects of Phon. The tutorials offer practical examples and useful tips about how to use Phon towards corpus building, transcription and annotation, and data analysis. If you want to be notified about additions or updates to the channel, please subscribe to the channel by clicking on this link.

Below is a Table of Contents for the channel, with direct links to thematically-organized playlists, as well as to the individual tutorial videos contained within these playlists.

Playlist: Getting started

Playlist: Phon Interface

Playlist: Local Project Installation

Playlist: Segment a Phon session

Playlist: Transcribe and annotate a Phon session

Playlist: Data query, reporting, and built-in analyses

Playlist: Processing data exported from Phon

For additional requests, questions, or feedback about Phon, we encourage all users to subscribe to our mailing list. Information about joining the mailing list is available at